31 July 2011

July in review

August is very nearly here, and I'm getting excited to change the calendar page, knit new fall hats and armwarmers, and pack up my apartment for what should be my final move while I'm here in Chicago.  Next month will also include the start of my very first solo classroom teaching job with all the attendant challenges of figuring out a teaching wardrobe and, you know, a syllabus. I'll be making a push to re-stock my Etsy shop in time for cooler temperatures, and I'm taking on two new personal-challenge-style projects in the realms of creativity and health (more details about those tomorrow, I promise!).

This last month has been a slow one for crafting projects, but I'm still impressed with my knitting output, a fairly decent showing in spite of some flagging creativity and wool-hating heat.  I finished two pairs of socks

read details here 

more information here  

July was great for blogging in general, even if my posts weren't about knitting.  Between travel and a holiday weekend and a local farmers market, my inspiration wheels have been kept busy turning.  

My favorite posts included
and I'm loving your thoughtful responses on the teamwork post series. I have another one of those coming up later this week...  What are you looking forward to in August? 

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