06 July 2011

FO: Pink Papaver Socks

Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino, colorway 101
Needles: US 1 dpns, set of 5

Pattern: Papaver Sok by Anne Hanson (Rav link)
Mods: I did my own heel and toe without checking what the pattern told me to do, because I have my own preferences based on what fits my feet well.

Verdict: Yes! This particular colorway looks great with this pattern, and the socks are soft and stretchy. They'll be so perfect when we get back to sock-wearing weather around here (which hopefully won't be for quite a while, since I'm enjoying the sun!)

I might have stopped by a yarn store after I got my hair cut this afternoon and bought an absolutely gorgeous and apparently irresistible skein of Madelinetosh tosh light.... I'll show you that tomorrow.

Okay, and one more peek at the inside of the sock, which I think looks pretty cool, too.


Julie said...

very cute socks!! they look so comfy and soft.

kathy b said...

Allison I LOVE The inside of the sock too!!!
Hoping our warm chicago weather sticks until october....
love your socks and your boss of your heel knitting!

Anonymous said...

Teehee, I think I might like the inside better than the outside! Not that the outside isn't great too ;)

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