08 July 2011

Friday: Link Love

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you've had a lovely week. My schedule has been totally out of whack all week long (really vivid dreams and a healthy dose of nervous excitement have made it tough to sleep, and apparently my alarm going off in the morning is now a signal for me to sleep for 2 more hours...), but some library homework parties with the excellent Lauren kept me relatively productive, and I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of housework done on the weekend. What do you have planned?

For now, I hope you'll enjoy a few food-related links.

*** Who wants to have a cake party?
*** Let's try some blackberry peach cupcakes.
*** Do you love chicken pot pie? Me, too.
*** And for breakfast, mini frittatas
*** Put some berries in your next grilled cheese sandwich.


Julie said...

I love chicken pot pie! !I have a breville pie maker that helps make those pot pies happen more regularly, too. I once had something close to a cake party- the sugar crash was epic. Like, bad hangover epic. We never did that again.

Allison said...

Oh my gosh, Julie! I didn't even think about the after-effects of all the sugar. Thanks for the warning :)

kathy b said...

Im a complete chicken pot pie geek. Love the ballpoint pen site. SUch a good link list. thanks happy weekend . I am on vacation so no workend for me! !yippee

simona said...

i also have some housework planned... and i wanted to enjoy some pool time with friends but it just started raining.

Allison said...

Happy weekend, Kathy! And it's nice to meet you, Simona :) Glad you stopped by. I hope the weather clears up for you soon.

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