23 August 2011

Disaster, aka Where's My Knitting?

Prepare yourself, dear reader. This isn't pretty:

This is what certain parts of my house look like right now because I'm packing up for a move and gathering all the clothes and shoes I'd like to donate. Yeah. And the other parts of the house that I'm not showing you are... worse.

I'm not really enjoying hanging out here right now, so forgive me if posts for the next couple of weeks mostly feature images from my fantasy life (courtesy of Pinterest and We Heart It). Oh, and because it's how I deal with stress, lots of knitting will be happening, and I can clear a small space to take some pictures of finished projects.

I promise that once I move and get settled in, you'll get to see more of the real life stuff... just not while it's exploding all over the place.


Julie said...

moving is always such a massive upheaval, isn't it?! We're planning on moving in the near future as well, and I'm sooo daunted by the task of going through everything to donate, toss, sell, or pack. But I'm sure your new place is going to be super awesome!

Rachel J said...

Oi, good luck on moving! It's always such a struggle!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your move!

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