24 August 2011

7 Things (not to be confused with 10 Things)

To kick off the series of posts that are all about living in a fantasy world, how about a big old list of dreams and goals? I've seen a few of these posts around various blogs, most recently on Pie N' The Sky, so I thought I'd do one of my own. If you fill out the lists, too, won't you put a link to the post in the comments? I'd love to get to know you better :)

7 Places I Would Like to Visit:


7 Things I Would Like to Make:
Interesting courses that students really enjoy and from which they learn important things

A giant layer cake with different colored cake layers and delicious frosting
My own line of hand-dyed sock yarns
Macarons, obvi
A very pretty quilt
A glorious home office and craft workspace. You can watch me build it after the move!
I would also like to make a dissertation that turns into a book

7 People I'd Like to Meet (Dead or Alive):
My grandma Clara, who passed away when my mom was still a teenager
Gregory of Nyssa (read about him here); I'm writing my dissertation on this guy, and I'd like to get his input.
Macrina, Gregory's sister, who might also be part of the dissertation
Jacques Cousteau, so we can do some deep sea exploring
Jane Goodall, and we can both go spend time with the chimps
Alicia Paulson, because I would love to hang out in her amazing, crafty corner of Oregon
Ashley Ann, for an afternoon of camera lessons and crafting fun

7 Things I Would Like to Own:
A spinning wheel
An enormous home library that has every book I need for my work and every book I want to read for fun (I am working on this one)
A truly fabulous party dress, such as this one, found via Pinterest

A Kitchenaid mixer (this little dream is going to come true next month!)
A car (this little dream is not going to come true for a very long while!)
A house with lots of windows and an awesome yard and friendly neighbors and a garage for the car and a dreamy kitchen for the Kitchenaid and all the things it will help me cook 
and a giant closet for the dress and its friends and a nice office for the library and a craft room for the spinning wheel, plus some room for me and my future family.
A mechanical pencil that reloads itself

7 Things That Annoy Me:
Flagrant abuse of or disregard for basic spelling and grammar rules
Excessive negativity Targeted personal criticism of people you don't even know. Lay off!
Cat litter particles on the rug or in the sheets or on the couch or just underfoot
DVDs that don't let you skip the previews
A toe that starts to itch in the middle of a Very Important Meeting
People who hog the sidewalks to mosey on city streets (sorry, tourists! You're otherwise very lovely.)

7 Films I Love:

Red Violin
Little Women Real Genius
Disney's Robin Hood/Sleeping Beauty/Sword in the Stone (see how I cheated there?)
The Other Side of the Mountain (saddest movie ever, so of course my sister and I watch it together whenever we see each other)

White Christmas

7 Funny Words:




Anonymous said...

I *love* Real Genius. And also really want a kitchen aid mixer.

Anonymous said...

i love all of these! i joined in the fun too! i so desperately would love to have a kitchen aid mixer!

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