22 August 2011

Photo-a-day, Week 3

A day late on this post, but that just means an extra picture from yesterday! You might also notice a new addition to the sidebar over there on the left - now you can follow Perknitious via Bloglovin' or Google Friend Connect. Or both, really :)










Anonymous said...

ooh great stuff.. love the kitty!! where did you get your skirt?? i love to read too.. I read a series by Francine Rivers, kind of fictional but it follows different women and why there chosen by God for their purpose, they were great! i love being inspired!!

Allison said...

Thanks, Olivia! That stack of books is for the course I start teaching next week (oooooh). I'll have to check out your recommendation, since I can always use more reading for fun and inspiration.
The skirt is one I got at Old Navy last summer, or maybe 2 summers ago. I really like it for hot days hanging out in the park!

Nicole said...

Give me some Sunday.

Kaycie said...

That is so fun that you knit! Lately I've been seeing a lot of beautiful, hand-knit things and I think that would be such a fun hobby to get into! Any tips for getting started?

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