10 October 2011

10 Things, vol. 29

10 Things is my weekly list of things that are making me smile right now. Please share your own grin-inducing items and events in the comments!

Woohoo, the weekend was so refreshing! Thank goodness, because this last week was pretty exhausting. I managed to get sick on Thursday, but a few days of sleeping as much as possible seem to have cleared up the worst of it. Now I'm almost back in top form, ready for a productive Monday, and I'm set to share another list of things I'm enjoying.

1. Strawberry Kefir. This stuff is tasty, I tell you.
2. Students who are truly engaged in class discussion
3. Learning a new knitting technique. Thanks to the fab Lauren, I now know how to make a ssk decrease that lays flat (slip 1 knitwise, slip 1 purlwise, pass slipped stitches back to the left-hand needle and k2tog through the back loop - give it a try!)
4. Coffeeeeeeeeeee, always
5. A relaxing afternoon of reading in the park in the sun

6. Texting with one of my favorite people during a slow work shift
7. Laydeez night plans tonight!
8. A stash of, I kid you not, 8 pens in my backpack. It's good to be prepared?
9. A sock knitalong with Pippa (more details and pictures tomorrow)

10. Pairing pink and teal; this is one of my new favorite combos, though perhaps its not entirely Fall-appropriate...


lauren said...

so you're totally bringing knitting to laydeez tonite, rite?!

Apologies for my overenthusiastic spelling. Ha ha.

Allison said...

Haha, I love the spelling! Every time I think about Laydeeez Nite, I get this ridiculous grin on my face. And yes, the knitting is already in my bag ready to go. I just need to add the wine.

kathy b said...

I really love the sock colorway.....so lovely and cheerful. hasnt the weather been fantastic. I love all your ten things...I am a PEN nut

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