11 October 2011


Yesterday I mentioned that I'm doing a knitalong for a new pair of socks with Pippa, one of my fellow grad students and talented knitter friends.  Pippa and I both grabbed for the same colorway of Ella Rae lace merino when we headed to the closing sale for one of Chicago's cutest yarn shops, My Sister's Knits.

Some late afternoon sunlight shows off the sock texture, but the colors are better in the photos further down the page

This combination of pink, purple, and peach was just begging to be made into a pair of fancy socks, and we finally settled on the ubiquitous Monkey pattern.  

The knitting is now underway, and it's really fun to exchange progress updates every time we see each other in the library! I've got one sock finished and the other one partway done, three repeats down the leg, thanks to some quality knitting time at a ladies' night dinner last night.

 Blurry, but still pretty! This pattern is magical that way.

Pretty, pretty eyelets and a good idea of how the variegated colorway is working out - no pooling so far, and that's the way I like it.

What's on your needles?


Anonymous said...

That is definitely my favorite sock pattern. Looks lovely in that yarn.

kathy b said...

Im aching for the right pattern to knit next

I only have a mother in law scarf just started.......

I just got some yarn in the mail...hmmmmm

could I do your monkey socks in worsted? SLipper like??

Anonymous said...

these are pretty, loving the color!! have you ever done toe-ups? i've just cast on my first pair of toe-ups.. different but fun!

Allison said...

Thanks, ladies!
The monkey pattern (free on Knitty) could definitely be adapted for worsted weight slippers, Kathy. I love that idea :)
Olivia, the first pair of socks I ever made was toe-up, and I remember it being incredibly difficult, probably just because it was my first pair of socks. Maybe I'll have to give it another try...

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