23 July 2011

10 Things, vol 19

10 Things is my weekly list of things that are making me smile right now.  Please share your own smile-inducing items and events in the comments!

First, it's another sister birthday! This time it's HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY #22 to the fabulous Lauren.  In the last couple months, Lauren just got engaged and graduated from college and is about to move out to Oregon to start her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree because she is just that awesome.  Even if she seems reserved and shy when you meet her, she has an impressively goofy sense of humor and she's a fantastic listener.

Lauren is up for any adventure you can think of, and she'll always find a way to make the day more fun.  Her secret talents include lip-synching like a pro, and she could have a second career as a makeup artist or consultant.  Did I mention she rides horses in actual shows?  Yeah.  I am related to some really cool ladies.

image source - if anyone knows who makes these, please say in the comments!

1. my teal sandals (wearing them nonstop)
2. mahjong nights and coffee dates with wonderful ladies
3. mint oreos for lunch. and dessert. and snacks
4. the little girl who waved at me through the coffee shop window
5. texting friends creepily from the other side of the library
6. starting and loving a comic book series hand-picked for me by an expert
7. a Greek translation group that drinks beer while working
8. thunderstorms that break the humidity
9. driving in a car, listening to road trip cds
10. this song on repeat:


HazelandMare said...

Hooray for your 10 faves! They made me smile. I want those little rainbow jellies- so sweet :) Since I started knitting I completely forgot how to crochet, but I am tempted to learn again so I can make those little amigurumi. Hope you had a great weekend!

faeriecollege said...

MINT Oreos? O, you temptress!

I wonder if that little girl is related to the little girl who waved at me on the train. She was adorable.

kathy b said...

mint oreos.......ahhhhh ahhhh and more ahhhhh

Great tune! never heard it before .

THunderstorms rock my world.....cant believe I slept through all of them in their entirety friday/sat in Chicago......

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