25 July 2011

A Hot & Steamy Summer Wish List

I'm going to be a big whiner and just say it: This weather is KILLING ME. I am not cut out for this dang Midwest humidity. So while I'm sweltering and sitting in front of the fan and repeatedly sticking my water bottle in the freezer and willing the water to get cold enough to do any good, I am putting together a list of the things I am dreaming of to help me make it through the rest of this heat wave.

1. A retro swimsuit like this one from For Luna. It doesn't have to be red, but it definitely needs polka dots:

2. A beach tote to take down to the lake. This one with the screen-printed owl would be nice, from WhiteAppleThreads on Etsy.

3. A lace parasol for creating shade while reading on a park bench.

4. One or five of these. It's called a Seductive Swan, and it involves blackberries, vodka, and lemonade. The recipe is here.

5. And really, plane tickets to Antarctica would be the best.

Are you in the middle of the heat wave, too? What are you doing to stay cool?


lauren said...

1. Are you back yet!?!

2. Vintagey swimsuit - yes! And I love that dotty red one, but I'm confused about why it's so small in the chest. It looks like it's too narrow for the model? I'm pretty sure my bewbs would come flying right out of that thing. But generally speaking, I am all for vintage-style swimsuits - so much coverage! Yet so feminine and so curve-flattering!

Andrea said...

Oooh. That drink looks delicious! And the heat here is intense too. I never thought I'd say that coming from CA where it could be 110 degrees in July but the humidity in Ohio is oppressive!

Allison said...

Lauren, I'm back! Let's hang out soooooon.
Andrea, I was just in Ohio for the weekend, and it was so stinking humid, oh my gosh. Hope you're keeping cool!

kathy b said...

for me , its all about the breeze......fans fans and more fans. As long as the air moves. I can survive....

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