14 May 2011

10 Things

Happy Saturday! The weather here in Chicago is pretty wretched today, but I had a fantastic time this morning doing the American Brain Tumor Association's 5K walk with a group of friends for the second year in a row. Hooray for giving cancer a giant kick in the butt, despite the low temps and gusts of wind! I'm really proud of our little team.  Look below for my list, and please don't hesitate to add your own list of things that are making you smile in the comments :)

image via weheartit

1. dedicated friends on this morning's walk
2. how satisfying it is to quickly sweep the floor - instant clean!
3. e-mails from old friends
4. so much new handspun after this week
5. tiny baby shoes (pictures soon)
6. trees outside the window, now with leaves
7. pepperjack cheese 
8. the first flip-flop day of the year
9. berry scented candles
10. making summer plans

I hope you have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

Neuroknitter said...

Kudos to you for braving the weather and walking against brain tumors!! Brava!

I love your smile list...I'll spotting ladybugs everywhere to the smile list!! :)

Happy rest of your weekend!!

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