13 May 2011

Friday: Link Love

I thought this post had disappeared, but it was recovered! Thank goodness :)

Happy Friday, again! This turned out to be a pretty good week. I feel like I've finally gotten back into the swing of things (especially after a refreshing yoga class this morning), adjusting to a new schedule that includes some extra time for spinning and knitting and figuring out what school stuff I want to work on over the next few months. Isn't it funny how much better it can feel to have a long-term project and a unifying sense of direction? Clearly academia is where I ought to be, since the work never ends :)

I hope you'll take a minute to check out some links as you head into your weekend; this time around they're all blogs I recently discovered and added to my "inspiration" folder of bookmarks. Maybe they'll inspire you, too.

*** The Bee & Balloon blog, which I just found on Wednesday, features lovely photos and a spare but inviting writing style.  I love this post with her great Etsy finds!

*** WishWishWish shares cute fashion in "what I wore" posts, but what really caught my eye were the landscapes in the background. Holy cow! I want to live where places like this are just around the corner for exploring.

*** Head to An Apple a Day for stunning photography accompanied by thoughtful commentary and neat features of other artists.

*** Over at Foxtail & Fern, it's all about "fashion inspiration outfits photography thrift travels vintage" (to quote the post categories at the top of the page!). Clearly, I need to move to the country immediately so I can look at scenes like this one and perch on a fence myself.

Have you discovered any noteworthy blogs lately? Share your own links in the comments!

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