13 May 2011

Oh noes!

You guys, I had this great Link Love post drafted, and it is now gone forever, because of some troubles with Blogger! I'll try to recreate it tonight, but it might become a Saturday edition... then we can have links to check out plus a list of 10 smile-worthy items all at once.

For now, enjoy some photos of my latest spinning adventures. All this fiber (wool, nylon, sparkle batts in really fun colorways) is from MissBell UK's Etsy shop. It doesn't look like she has any fiber for sale right now, but if she gets some more in stock, you should check it out.


Neuroknitter said...

Lovely spinning...great color!!

Bummer about your post being MIA!!I wasn't able to get a post up this morning before leaving for work as it was still down; sounds like Blogger was in a world of hurt this week!

Happy Friday!! Looking forward to Link Love on Saturday!! :)

Rachel J said...

o wow, hand-spinning has always fascinated me--all those colors!

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