06 January 2011

[28 before 28] Numbers 15-21

15. Learn to play a new board game. Any suggestions?

16. Reorganize the yarn closet. That thing is a mess!

This is an approximate "before" shot, taken right after the first reorganization effort in fall.  I'd prefer to be able to see that yarn I have without pulling out all the bins, and I need to figure out a place for my mini stash of spinning fiber, which is currently just sort of jammed in around what you see here. Like I said, it's a mess.

17. Log 350 exercise miles - that works out to less than 7.5/week, which is totally manageable. I added my first 2.75 to the calendar today :)

18. Plan a trip to Edinburgh (actually taking the trip before next December is optional, though...).

19. Go to the Minnesota state fair!

20. Try spinning yarn on a wheel.

21. Learn to make a loaf of sandwich bread.


Van said...

Good luck to you, ma'am! I could never quantify exercise hours, I'd go batty :D

Jecca said...

I am available for both The Fair and Edinburgh. But definitely The Fair. :)

NotABlogger said...

We love to play board games - well, we did a lot more pre-parenthood. Anyway, if you don't know it already, Settlers of Catan is great. If you know it, you might want to try Peurto Rico. Good luck - your list is looking great!

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