26 February 2012

Saturday Surprises

Yesterday was a Saturday full of wonderful things, including a couple of surprises that just made my day! You all saw that I got to spend my whole morning knitting and finishing a hat, which is already enough to make the whole day wonderful.  Well, that wasn't all that happened...

First, this package arrived in the mail from the excellent Kathy of Irisheyes Knitters: My Yarn Garden.  Check out this adorable card:

And what is that peeking out from underneath? Glorious spinning fiber in a beautiful pink, brown, and cream colorway - Neopolitan ice cream? 

I cannot wait to get started on my next yarn :) Thank you, Kathy!!!

I also got an e-mail about teaching jobs for next year, plus I got to enjoy a rousing afternoon discussion with my book club ladies and, on top of all that, a Blues Brothers movie night with good friends. Talk about an eventful way to start the weekend. 

Today is a bit more slow-paced and will definitely involve a lot more work to balance out yesterday's relaxation. What's going on with your weekend?

1 comment:

kathy b said...

So thrilled you liked it. What are you reading for book club?

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