28 February 2012

practicing kindness: an extra day

It's a leap year, so we have a whole extra day on which to practice kindness!

I'd like to devote the day to acts of kindness for those around me, and here are some of the things I'm planning.

  • Phone calls to faraway friends, just to say hello and let them know I'm thinking of them
  • Donating a bag of clothing from my closet
  • Being free with compliments for people I see who have nice coats or bags or shoes or hats
  • Bringing snacks (chocolate!) for library study partners

Won't you join me in a leap day of kindness? Let's make the most of it :)


kathy b said...

Great idea....for an extra day of kindness....
must think on my actions for this!

mahaila said...

This is a nice post.... I think I have to put a few of your 'practice kindess acts' on my to-do list too:) I love your knitted creations too, I particularly like your 'Yarn Crawl post'. Love it!

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