17 February 2013


Working on this project is reminding me just how much I love working with handspun and just how much I love spinning! I took a little bit of time last week to finish up some more new yarn, too; it still needs to be set before I will show you pictures, though. There's also more fiber in reserve in my studio, a beautiful brown alpaca that is just gorgeous and which I am looking forward to spinning up now that I've been reminded how satisfying it is to spin and create new yarn.

On the theme of reminders, Lent started this past Wednesday, and instead of just giving things up (the classic "no dessert for 40 days" kind of thing), I'm also trying to take seriously the idea that giving up vices or distractions means creating more space for developing a relationship with God.
For me this year, that mostly means making time to enjoy the small things in life (like spinning and other creative pursuits) and remembering all the things I'm passionate about.  I'm not going to lie, the last several months have been great in terms of productivity and friendships and career-type stuff, but I've felt drained and bored quite a bit of the time when I'm not actively doing work, and I know my life doesn't need to be that way. So I'm taking time this Lent to pursue the everyday practices that help me remember that life is actually full of opportunities and things to enjoy.
This morning, it meant not going out and buying a coffee, but making myself a latte at home, working on my shawl, grading some quizzes and thinking about how I can make my class better for students. It means taking time in the evenings for some spiritual reading - I'm going to start some works by St. John of the Cross later this week.  It means having a gift knitting project on the needles, making something nice for someone else who will use and enjoy it.  Basically it means lots of things, and every Sunday during Lent, I'd like to take a few moments here to share my practices and my reminders here.
Plus there will be knitting pictures.

Anyone else doing any spiritual practices right now, for Lent or any other reason? Care to share in the comments?

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Fran said...

Right on, Allison. Over the last few years I've tried to add more contemplation time during Lent, and one way that has been successful is to give up dining out. This means no quick runs to the B School or Medici for a quick bite. It means that everything I eat, I have prepared. And as I am preparing or eating, I have that quiet time and space. Like your homemade latte. This year, in addition, some folks from my church are meeting Tuesday mornings at 6am at Valois to discuss and contemplate what it means to be called to a particular kind of work. We start in two days, and I'm looking forward to creating more of that space for contemplation and transformation.

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