19 August 2011

Friday: Link Love

Happy Friday, friends! There is a lot of fun in store for this weekend, and it's already been a packed week. I've been hanging out with friends every single night, which is the perfect way to end the long days of studying.  Last night I got to try out a new (and delicious) restaurant, Tuesday I went sunbathing by the lake, and tomorrow... I'm going FISHING! I've never been before, and it's finally going to happen, with live bait, no less. I will obviously take a bunch of pictures and tell you all about it :)

This week's links are about food. I needed to do a search for other recipes that I can make immediately to sort of drive out the currently-unrealistic "make your own macarons" obsession. I'm not sure it actually worked to eliminate my macaron-craving, but these dishes do look amazing. Dinner party for me (and you, if you make them, too)!

*** First, we will make some "creamy stovetop corn with poblano chiles" because the NYT says it's an excellent side dish.

image from nytimes

*** I think the proper main dish to go along with that corn is grilled shrimp with cilantro, lime, and peanuts.

thank you, Martha

*** Wait! We forgot the salad course. Good thing there is a quick recipe for quinoa salad with black beans, avocado, and cumin-lime dressing.

 image and recipe from Eating for England

*** And for dessert? No! Not macarons! Instead let's eat some orange clementine pudding.

recipe from Cooking Light magazine; found via Kitchen Trial and Error

*** And along with all this deliciousness, I would drink this watermelon pink tequila cocktail.

found at Refinery 29

What's on your menu for the weekend? 


Yarny Days said...

This food looks so yummy, it is talking to me!

kathy b said...

tonight is Meatloaf, and our garden tomato and mozzarella salad....

enjoy that fishing...I love to fish

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