18 August 2011

Obsessed: Macarons

You guys! Yesterday I ate my first ever macaron. It was coffee flavored, and it was made by the wonderful people at our local French bakery. Also, it was seriously delicious. And I can't stop thinking about it.

I have been obsessed with these pretty confections ever since I watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.  They seem like the jelly beans of pastry: so many flavors and gorgeous pastel colors.

all images found via weheartit

I've seen a couple of posts that describe people's successes (and attendant challenges) making macarons at home. David Lebovitz has a recipe for chocolate ones, and Not So Humble Pie shares her "Macarons 101" here.  After reading these posts, I have to say I'm pretty intimidated, even with Emily's slightly more encouraging account here.  I will readily admit that part of the issue is a lack of proper baking equipment, but eventually that part can be remedied.  Anyone want to come over and help me make a batch later this fall?

Any food obsessions of your own to share? Anything you'd like to learn to cook or bake?


Rachel J said...

Macaroons are everywhere! I love it when they come in the super-bright colors. Lately I've become obsessed with fish tacos, which aren't nearly as cute as macaroons.

Julie said...

I love macarons, they are little pillows of heaven! I've never tried to make them though- I like having certain things be special treats when I'm out, it makes them a little bit more special. :)

olivia said...

I loved Marie Antoinette.. not so much the story just the colors and all the pretty stuff in the movie!! I think I need to watch it again!!! I found this really cute cross stitch pattern for colorful macarons, I think I might make another bookmark with it, you can never have to many bookmarks!

Kimanh said...

Great collection of photos! I'm inspired to watch Marie Antoinette now! (sweet, available on the iTunes store!)

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