13 July 2011

[28 before 28] Progress

It's midweek and approximately midyear, so what better time to check in on my 28 before 28 goals? I've been able to cross a few more items off the list since March's check-in post, and a few more opportunities are coming up soon.  Here's where I am...

27. Publish a knitting pattern with a magazine or Knit Picks IDP
It's high time for me to bite the bullet and get this one crossed off. The pattern has already been designed and knit, the item was given to my friend who requested it, I know what yarn I want to use, a few friends have offered to be test knitters, and I'm just delaying. So the associated mini-goal is that by the end of the week, I will write up the pattern and send it in to Knit Picks. You all can keep me accountable.

23. Houseplant success

These little guys are all doing well! Nobody is wilting or otherwise looking sad, and my coffee table is way more cheerful since their arrival. Perhaps I don't have a black thumb after all.

17. Log 350 exercise miles
Done and done, in less than a year! That's a whole lot of walking and jogging, but it has been totally worth it. Getting in a bit of exercise time every day keeps me energized, reminds me to think about what I'm eating and drinking (lots of vegetables and lots of water, mainly), and gives me at least a few moments to think or not think, depending on what I need on a given day.

11. Design a product logo/2. Reach 100 Etsy sales

With the help of my fabulous designer friend Yael, I've got the logo you see above. Hooray! Now I just need to get my butt in gear to actually add new items to my shop... For some reason my knitting concentration has been low lately, and I'm working on fewer projects at a time. This means finishing lots of pairs of socks really quickly, but it also means not having items for sale.  Next week I'll start taking shop knitting to the library for my reading days, and hopefully I'll be able to crank out some hats - fall is on the way, after all.

4. Travel to the PNW for a friend visit

Check. It was the perfect start to my summer, and I already want to go back. That photo above is of one of the streets I lived on during college.

Have you accomplished any goals lately? What challenges are you facing, and what are you working for?


Molly said...

Thanks for sharing your progress on your goals! I love your new perknitious logo, it's perfect for your feminine and fun style.

You're right, potted plants and herbs really do liven up a place! Here's a dumb question, do potted, indoor seasonal herbs like basil still grow as well in the winter months?

Andrea said...

I think if you already have a picture of the finished piece you designed you can submit the picture with the info before having to write up the pattern. It even says on their website they're more likely to accept something that you've already made and they can see. Good luck!

Rachel J said...

Wow, making a pattern sounds really cool! Good luck on getting that published!

kathy b said...

I just made my 51 before 51 list! And I have done a few already...i dont have much time. I need to kayak 3 times and I've already done that. Completed today.

Cannot wait to see your pattern.

Allison said...

Andrea and Rachel, thanks for the encouragement! Molly, I haven't tried doing basil in the winter, but it's really thriving right now. Congrats to Kathy on your completed goal :)

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