10 March 2011

[28 before 28]

I wanted to give a little update on how everything is going with my 28 before 28 goals. 

28. Keep a journal 
Check! And this has been going well. It helps that I got a really cute leather-bound journal for Christmas. It also helps that I know myself and my ways... My approach to journaling has always been to just write and write and write whatever I want and never look back over it. All my little obsessions and worries, once committed to paper, can just become part of the past. And while it's fun to look back at my journals from elementary school (what boy did I have a crush on? what are these silly poems I wrote?), my scribbles from more recent times are not nearly as endearing when some of the emotional stings are still fresh. So committing to writing things down is cathartic and wonderful, as long as I can just put the end result on a shelf and not look at it again for at least 10 years or so.

17. Log 350 exercise miles
The total from Jan 1 to yesterday is (drumroll...) 129.59. Apparently I really underestimated the amount of walking and running I do. This makes me excited to see just how many miles I really will complete in an entire year.

And some successes
21. Learn to make a loaf of sandwich bread
Check! I made my first sourdough loaf two weeks ago, and I'll keep using the starter to make more. Sourdough is so good for sandwiches, especially grilled cheese.

12. Host a cocktail party for good friends
Check! My Valentine's Day/cocktail party/knitting night/yarn swap was lots of fun, and I am looking forward to hosting more parties like it in the future. Knitting and cocktails go surprisingly well together. 

14. Find that large wall-art piece that's missing for the living room wall
Check! My Masha D'Yans print is just waiting for the right frame. It's already up on the wall, attached by binder clips that are anchored to thumbtacks (no holes in the poster).

Have you met any goals lately? Set any new ones for yourself? I'd love to hear about your progress and successes! It's so inspiring to hear about how people challenge themselves :)


LEO said...

Way to go on the exercise front - that is totally impressive. Do you normally walk to and from school? Because that's a loooot of walking. I used to walk from all the way over by the lake and I was in such great shape. Living closer now is kind of a mixed blessing.

Also, re: bread - behold! I really want to make that.

Anonymous said...

some great goals and great progress on them. i am in the process of making bread (that is not cornbread) for the first time very nervous to see how it turns out.

NotABlogger said...

Congratulations! I miss my journaling, it's one of the things that went with re-baby figure. So great that you're taking care of you!

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