04 May 2011

Driven to distraction

I have another one of those language exams to take tomorrow (wish me luck!), so I've been alternately studying studying studying like a madwoman and knitting to stay calm. All of this means I will definitely have a finished sweater to show you very soon, and I will hopefully start the summer with just one more language exam to study for and pass. It also means I have been totally distracted for the last week, neglecting my blog. This Friday's link love post is going to be better than ever to make up for it :)

Can I please wrap myself in this immediately after I take the exam? Whether my translating goes well or poorly, this thing is perfect.

image via weheartit

And just to clue you in:
Um, if you're anything like me, this giveaway over on Elsie's blog will make your heart beat faster. And you might drool a little bit. Go enter, quick!


faeriecollege said...

Thought of you today! Hope your exam went well.

kathy b said...

hysterical image. stay sane.
Im going over to play for the prize..thanks for the link

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