30 April 2011

10 Things

Happy weekend! "10 Things" is my weekly post sharing a list of things that are making me smile right now. Won't you share your own lists in the comments?

image via weheartit

1. a class field trip in grad school
2. real spring weather, finally!
3. seeing ancient documents up close
4. a new haircut and new shoes, all in one day
5. perfectly prepared salmon
6. Maru's blog
7. a bright pink t-shirt arriving in the mail
8. sleeping in on a Saturday
9. finding a song that feels like an anthem
10. the end of a truly fabulous month (what will May bring?!)


kathy b said...

awww, love the ice cream and candles.
going now to check out your blog link...

kathy b said...

Love the strange English/translation with the beautiful kitty blog.....wonderful...
the little bit OFF translation endears it to me

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