06 May 2011

Friday: Link Love

Happy Friday! Gosh, what a crazy week this has been. The exam went well yesterday, and I got an official e-mail this morning telling me that I passed! Now I am ready for a relaxing weekend of celebrating... by studying for a midterm that's coming up on Monday hahaha :) I'll also be enjoying a bit of knitting time and all the usual chores like doing laundry and mopping the floors. It will be really good to have a weekend that involves catching up on the home front after the last few busy weeks. Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

Here are links to interesting posts and other fun finds from the week:

*** Lauren, fearless knitter extraordinaire, conquered the dreaded steek! And she started doing embroidery. Talk about multi-talented :) Check out her post.

*** I actually don't have any clothespins, but if I did I would like them to be as cute as these ones that Agnieszka painted. Wouldn't these be fun for holding papers on the fridge if you added magnets to the back? They'd also be a good replacement for the lowly paper clip if you needed to give someone a set of Very Important and Official Documents.

image from the Marysza blog

*** I made this recipe twice on Easter, and I still cannot stop thinking about how simple and delicious it was. If you're at all into asparagus, I bet you'll like it.

image from Martha

*** The posts on the 'I Am Enough' blog are always inspiring, so I like sharing them all with you guys! I enjoyed this one about embracing a more all-encompassing view of oneself. Because the grumpy me and the flakey me are just as much a part of who I am as the cheerful me and the responsible me, and my "enough"-ness isn't negatively impacted by being a whole person :) 
That principle definitely struck home just an hour ago when I had to make a phone call to a woman who has invested a lot of time and energy in me over the last 48 hours and who needed to hear that I was backing out of what we'd been planning. That call made me feel simultaneously very much like a flake (and because I try hard to be conscientious and responsible, the anxiety was crushing!) and very much like I was making the right choice for myself just because I wanted to make that choice, even if it inconvenienced someone else (another concept that has, historically, been tough for me and is therefore also anxiety-inducing). In the end I stood up to peer pressure and came out of it all feeling relieved and more confident. Phew. Sometimes a challenge like that is good, right? And sometimes it's okay to be a grumpy flake.

Now I'm going to take my grumpy flake self to the park to play cards with Nicole and enjoy this very Spring-like day. Enjoy your Friday afternoon!


lauren said...

Thanks for the link love and HOORAY FOR PASSING!!!! You are awesome!

faeriecollege said...

Thank you for bringing I Am Enough to my attention. I'd never heard of it before, and it definitely brightened my day!

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