17 April 2011

10 Things

Here's my weekly list of 10 things that are making me smile right now! I hope you'll leave a comment and share a few of the things on your own list.

1. Pink plaid button-downs
2. Listening to a new song over and over and over
3. Romaine lettuce
4. Saturday afternoon knitting while watching movies
5. Meeting a friend for coffee and giggling
6. Laughing until you snort
7. Hanging out until midnight without even noticing it's late
8. Jelly beans
9. Staying in bed an extra half hour in the morning to read a book
10. Face wash with those scrubby beads in it


kathy b said...

THings that are making me smile"

*Mike Rowe
*baseball, even 500 avg baseball
*My hubby's arm around me on the couch
*Kittens again!
*Pink yarn, in cotton

Allison said...

Kathy, I love it when you share your lists! Kittens deserve to be on there every time :)

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