20 April 2011

Inspired: Colors!

Project Spectrum is back!

The amazing Lolly has announced another round of this creativity-inspiring, color-oriented, crafting celebration. This year Project Spectrum will run from May through November, and we're all being challenged to focus our creative projects (photography, painting, knitting, embroidery, cooking, you name it!) around color families. You can check out other people's contributions on Ravelry and even Facebook.

I can't wait to pick out the perfect red yarn to get started on May 1st, and I'll keep my eye out for red items to photograph. If you've been a reader for a while, you know that red isn't a color I use very often, but this will be the perfect opportunity to push boundaries and find out more about how this color appears in my daily life. I'm excited to start out right away with something that will be a bit of a stretch for me - it will be like Spring cleaning for my brain!  The fact that we get to follow up with three months of my favorite colors (green, blue, and pink) before we get to another "stretch" color (yellow) makes the whole thing even more exciting.

Will you participate? What colors are you looking forward to using/crafting with?

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