26 March 2011

10 Things

I'm liking this new Saturday morning ritual of typing up my list. If anyone decides to join me, please post a link in the comments! I'd love to read yours. Here are ten things that are currently making me smile.

1. That picture. I want those mugs!!!
2. Plans to meet a friend for breakfast
3. Having my natural hair color back (no more red)
4. Watching movies while knitting on the couch
5. A new workout shirt (with sparkly cupcakes on it. Yup.)
6. Working on new designs for the shop
7. Planning baby knits for 3! expecting families
8. Reading the latest issue of Real Simple
9. Glitter nail polish
10. New blog followers (hello, lovelies!)

***I'm going to add a #11 today, because this meet-the-sponsors post just went up on Kaelah's blog! I hope you'll check it out and visit the blogs and shops of all my fellow March sponsors***


kathy b said...

Here are my ten things...I LOVED your mugs

*my silly little non high tech new cell phone
that anyone else would consider ancient
*CUbs home opener friday!
*no chip manicures..they really work
*donkey tortilla chips
*Your blog
*the two kittens I am fostering...ahhhh sweet
*my worry doll hair barette
*my ipod to listen to on the plane..instead of scary
plane noises

Allison said...

Ooh, this is a great list! I totally agree about those tortilla chips :) Thanks for sharing!

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