12 March 2011

10 Things

It's Saturday morning, and it's time for 10 things that are making me smile. I make these little lists almost every day, as part of my effort to live more joyfully.

very very cute image via weheartit

1. Best friends coming to town to visit
2. Laughing until you cry
3. Peeling and eating clementines
4. A fresh haircut and accompanying compliments
5. My little jar full of spare change and the quarter I found on the sidewalk yesterday
6. The smell of grass in the rain
7. Knee socks with stripes or an argyle pattern
8. A friendly chat with a stranger
9. Cute stationery
10. The perfect plum lipgloss

What's making you smile today?


artichoke said...

Hey, I sent the questionnaire..if you haven't received it and it's not in your spam/junk folder, could you email me at artichokedesigns at yahoo dot com so I can just reply with it?

Allison said...

I did get it! I'm going to respond in a couple of minutes :) Thanks so much.

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