26 February 2011

Just popping by

Happy Saturday! I am having so much fun with my day off :)

So far I've slept in, eaten a delicious breakfast (peanut butter and jelly on a bagel - I always forget how much I love peanut butter and jelly), caught up on some of my favorite shows, ordered Chinese takeout for lunch, done some laundry, worked on some knitting projects commissioned by a very loyal customer, done a trade on Etsy, filled out the handwriting template from Fontifier (I think you'll be seeing the results soon!), and watched some very pretty snowfall through the window. I've also been shuffling around knitting projects and project bags to get a bit more organized. This cupcake zipper pouch still makes me smile every time I use it.

Also, how sweet is this? I would so love to have any one of these gorgeous hand-painted cups from Yevgenia's shop!

How is your Saturday going? I hope you get to enjoy some time for crafting today!

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