25 February 2011

Friday: Link Love

Hello, friends! It's Friday at last, and I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend. I've got a Mahjong game scheduled for Saturday night and an Oscars party on Sunday night (plus knitting, of course!), but apart from those events I'm planning on... nothing much.  I might make some sourdough using the starter a friend from work brought me last night.  Most likely, the most strenuous thing I do will be to have a longer than normal workout at the gym, since I've sadly had to miss a couple days this week. It's going to be fabulous :)
For now, check out some of my recent internet finds.

*** First up, in the 'I need one of these' category, we have Kaylah's new trash can. I especially need one if it comes with the cute kitty inside.

image from the Dainty Squid blog

*** Next, filed under 'Brilliant designs', the fortune cookie coin purse by Diana Eng.

image and link found via Post Grad Hair Cut

*** Representing the category 'beautiful in a slightly creepy way' - Suren Manvelyan's series "Your beautiful eyes"

***Last but not least, an example of fine crochet and the adaptation of the classic doily form into a unique and very modern-feeling accessory from Lisa of the goodknits blog.

also check them out on Etsy

I'm off to finish off my last busy day before this weekend's marathon relaxation session! Happy Friday and happy knitting :)


Julie said...

oh that eye photo grossed me out so badly!! doesn't it look a bit like an over baked bundt cake or something?! ew. I love that shark trash can, though!

kathy b said...

I always look forward to your Friday link love...off to check all but that creepy eye out.......

Mandi @ make it dear said...

those doilies are beautiful...but i am a sucker in that department :) happy friday!

Allison said...

Sorry to have creeped you guys out with the eyeball photos! I think it is neat that there is so much texture when you look up close (even if it does, in fact, look a bit like a messed up bundt cake haha).

Nicole said...

I love the eyeball!!! It's the greatest thing you've featured in link love, but we've established I'm a weirdo :)

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