28 February 2011

Etsy Monday: Dark Heart Designs!

I made a new banner - what do you think? 

The Dark Heart Designs shop is run by the incredibly sweet Tina, a true entrepreneur with a good eye for color and a real commitment to quality customer service. N has been obsessed with these eyeshadows for the last few months, and now that I've ordered and used two of my own, I get it.

My favorite shade is Surrender, a subtle mauve-y purple with just enough sparkle. I think it would be gorgeous on any skin tone, and it is one of those colors that makes me feel ready for Spring.

I've also used Dirty, a perfect neutral brown with a bit of gray.

N wore one of the bright blue shades, Rave, to a party a few weeks ago and I think every woman in the room came up to ask her about where she got her eyeshadow! 

One of the best deals? For just $10 you can sample all the shades! They range from classy neutrals for everyday wear to high-voltage blues, greens, and reds that would be amazing for photoshoots or fashion runways (Hey, in my head, we normal people might at some point strut our stuff on a runway. You never know where life will take you!).

My favorite thing about Dark Heart Designs, aside from Tina's positive and friendly attitude, is the fact that these cosmetics are preservative-free and vegan. I've always held off from wearing much makeup partly because of the mysterious chemicals and animal products that are lurking in these products you're supposed to put near (and basically in) your mouth and eyes. Gross! But Tina's ingredients are natural and safe, so I feel good about wearing these shadows and supporting her business :)

If you're intrigued, I hope you'll check out the blog and the facebook fan page, too! Thanks for reading today.

***product images from the Dark Heart Designs shop on Etsy***


Julie said...

what a fabulous idea!! the pigments look great. I love the idea of independently made cosmetics, I've been feeling guilty lately about all the petrochemicals that are in make up and skin products....

kathy b said...

I love your blue shadow image!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel Like I am a tad too old...IM fifty for such strong colors...so YOU wear them for me!
And I love your new banner!

Nicole said...

Yay! I'm so glad you featured her!!! This is my favorite Etsy seller and I absolutely love all the products I've purchased so far. Not all of them are as bright as the blue eyeshadow, but each shadow is lovely and way prettier than you'll find in a store.

Dark Heart Designs said...

Thank you for the lovely review! I'd also like to point out that Toxic & Vampire Heart are not vegan, as they contain carmine. I'm seriously thinking about phasing them out though. I'd like to be an all vegan company.

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