30 January 2011

My Saturday

(That title makes me think of those "My Summer Vacation" essays we all had to write in elementary school!)
My Saturday was full of fun, an excellent reward after a week of working hard on grading student papers, getting ahead on reading for school, and squeezing in a ton of meetings and appointments.  The day started when N and I met up for a trip downtown to Michaels, Target, and Chipotle.  In the afternoon we tested our Wii fitness with hilarious results, played Phase 10, and completed a few MadLibs.  At night, before heading out to a concert that a few of our friends were putting on at another friend's apartment, N and I decided it had been way too long since we had taken any pictures in which we tried to look pretty instead of totally goofy.  I think we managed to get a few nice ones of ourselves all dressed up!  This might be my favorite.

 Clearly, it is very hard for us to refrain from the goofy.

By the way, I really like my new hair color! And the pretty eyeshadow I tested out for the night.

Oh, and this one is from earlier in the day, when N's cat, Noodle, decided that he likes my hair, too. He likes it so much he licks it enthusiastically every time I put my head in range. 

Yesterday was so great! The band played really well, I got to catch up with good friends and make a few new ones, and I even made some progress on my current sock project.  How was your Saturday?


Neuroknitter said...

Love the black and white portrait! What a fun day you had! My Saturday was good...a short road trip, which means car knitting! Yay for that!

That's hilarious! My cats lick my hair, too...do you think it's something in the color they like?

Nicole said...

This was a great post, almost as descriptive as my photo album captions :)

The Noodle licker pics are so hilarious.

Allison said...

NK, I hadn't thought about the appeal of the color! I like to imagine he secretly wants to be a professional stylist :)

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