29 January 2011

Fab thrift finds

Hyde Park has a new little clothing resale store, which is really exciting! It's great that we can donate close to home and also find some fun deals, with the proceeds going to a good cause in the city.

I went over there last weekend (can't believe it's taken me a whole week to post this!) with a girlfriend, and I came home with a few excellent items.

The Adidas tank is in excellent shape (in fact, it seems like it's brand new), it's just the right size, I've been in the market for some more pretty workout gear, and it was only $2. Can you say bargain?

That scarf is clearly hand-crocheted, and I am pretty sure it's made out of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.  I feel only a tiny twinge of guilt over the fact that I'm going to pull it apart and make a Laura Cowl plus a few other items.  Again, only $2 for all that yarn!

I saved the best for last - the super modern and spacious gray bag hiding under the other finds. This one I got for free, grabbing it from my friend's donation pile before she handed it over. Thanks, Y.! So far I've used it as a knitting bag and as an extra bag for carrying student papers to and from campus. There's something about the soft color and that great boxy shape that I just love. Plus it has mini tassels on the zipper pulls!

Have you had any thrifting successes lately?


LEO said...

I am like 99% sure you're right about that yarn being lion brand. I think I had that same color a while back!

Yellow Cat Studio said...

Wow! I love that bag. It's so cute!
Thrift/Resale Stores are so much fun.

kathy b said...

So fun that you are transforming the crocheted scarf. Cannot wait to see it presto chango!

New thrift finds? Well I offered my friend my kitchen table and she offered me hers! Serendipitous.....wouldnt you say?

lina said...

nice purse!

Allison said...

Thanks, guys! Kathy, that table exchange sounds like the best possible way to re-decorate :)

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