31 January 2011

Etsy Monday: Nest Pretty Things!

When I noticed I had three items from Tamar's Etsy shop, Nest Pretty Things, in my favorites, I knew it was time to feature this great artist and her work!  There's also a beautiful blog to check out if you're so inclined...

The shop is full of beautiful jewelry, most of which has a delicate, vintage look to it.  These pieces would be gorgeous paired with a plain black top or layered over something a bit more pastel and floaty.  One of my absolute favorites is the Rosalind necklace:

It's just the right size, and that particular shade of red makes my heart beat a little faster.  I don't normally go in for floral prints, but this one just catches the right balance of bright and dainty.

A few of the necklaces use fabrics with a distinctly modern feel. Here's the aptly named "Modern Necklace No. 3."

The combination of primary colors with black and white makes this incredibly versatile. Couldn't you even see a little girl wearing this for school photos? By the way, there is also a second shop entirely devoted to kids' items over here.  I love that when I look at this necklace, I really can't decide which piece is my favorite (many of you are probably laughing right now, because you know that choosing favorites is really hard for me already): the yellow goldfish scales, the tiny polka dots, and the line-drawing bird feathers are all amazing.

Last but not least, these Coral Earrings get the colors just right:

And what about the pretty photo styling in the shop? I think I like the fancy dishes and tops almost as much as I like the jewelry.  I hope you'll take a minute to check out the other wonderful items Tamar has designed.
Happy Monday, and happy knitting!

*Thanks to Tamar for permission to use her shop photos!*

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kathy b said...

Love your go to's.

NEst PRetty THings stuff is great. I love coral so I adore those earrings too

are you hunkering down for the storm?

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