03 January 2011

Etsy Monday: fresh fruit

Now that the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying is starting to go away again (there is supposed to be some snow later this afternoon), I'm finding myself thinking about fruit. Here are a couple of Etsy finds in case you want to join me in dreaming of a sweet snack.

This bright apple necklace from Adrienne Audrey:

Adorable pears from Dearjes:

More different (but still adorable) pears from Seventytwostitches:

Strawberries. On waffles. On earrings (by Sweet Stella):

Lemon slice pocket mirror (food with faces! I cannot resist!) from Little Pink Plum's shop:

1 comment:

Julie said...

such a cute and cheery etsy roundup! I lvoe those waffle earrings.

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