04 January 2011

Christmas: Yes!

My Christmas break was fantastic! I loved being able to spend time with my family, especially all my siblings, driving around, laughing, playing games, and making Christmas treats.  My sister loves to bake, so we had all kinds of gingerbread and pumpkin spice loaves, plus cornbread muffins and chocolate chip cookies.  We attempted to make sugar cookies using cookie cutters, and they refused to behave themselves! The result was a sheet and a half full of wonky and deformed gingerbread men and angels and a few sheets of presentable shapes that were still a bit funny because we didn't factor in having the dough puff up in the oven.  I didn't take any pictures because I was laughing too hard.  
But these are a few of my favorite pictures from my trip to CA.

 Handknits and smiles in action on our trip to SF!

 In Chinatown, we found this friendly turtle. Joe went crazy.

 When we weren't out and about, I sat in my sister's classroom knitting custom-ordered socks and enjoying Christmas treats.

 Lauren looks a little overexcited, but it's only because she just won this giant bouquet in a raffle! I won a smaller version with sparkly pinecones attached. Cute!

Nearly everyone is wearing a handknit hat (aww) when we check out the lights at the Mormon temple in Oakland. We are happy even though we're a bit blurry.

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