02 January 2011

[28 before 28] Numbers 8-14

Since my birthday is so close to the end of the year, I decided to make my birthday-related goals into my new year's resolutions.  The next installment of my list (started here) is below!

8. Home decorating makeover.

9. Make a sweater using my handspun yarn.

10. Really learn to use a camera.  This might involve buying a new digital camera.

11. Design a product logo for my shop and business cards.

12. Host a cocktail party for good friends.

13. Learn to properly apply eyeliner.

14. Find that large wall-art piece that's missing for the living room wall.

What are some of your goals for 2011?


LEO said...

Ooooo for whenever you do your cocktail party - I've seen some videos/recipes from the Violet Hour guy online. I'll dig em up and send em along. Fancy fancy!

Kathy said...

Well I am going to learn to knit a top with reverse shaping. I just cannot master the instructions that say "reverse for other side" My brain cannot get around it. Should I use a mirror? hahahaha

Another goal: volunteer at the shelter again. It was hard to go back after having to give my shelter dog Cricket back this summer. He was attacking our cat Radar. It was traumatic giving him back and all. They found him a great home however.

another goal: Ride some icelandic ponies!!

Allison said...

Lauren, I'm totally going to need to see these videos...

Kathy, those sound like amazing goals for the year :) I am with you on the "reverse shaping" thing; I'm not sure how to go about it without writing the whole thing out for myself, which seems like a ton of work. There must be an easier way!

Neuroknitter said...

Happy belated Birthday and Happy New Year!!

Those are wonderful goals for 2011! I would really love to design and knit an aran sweater with the yarn I bought quite a few years ago with that kind of project in mind...do you think after 4-5 years it's done marinating in the stash?? LOL!! This was my goal for 2010, too...so I'm not holding my breath.

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