09 December 2010

[28 before 28] Numbers 1-7

With just 6 days left until my 27th birthday, I started putting together my master list of goals for the upcoming year. By sharing them in this space, I'll have a record of the things I've signed on for, and hopefully some good incentive to accomplish my goals, from the simplest to the most exciting.  Here are the first 7...

1.  Grow my hair out into a bob again.

This isn't the best photo of my previous bob ever taken, but it does feature both the haircut and a sweater I made, so I think it works :)

2.  Reach 100 sales on Etsy.

3.  Find a favorite white wine for summer sipping.

This is a rather delicious pink moscato my girlfriends and I discovered this past summer. 2011 needs to be the year of white wine, though.

4.  Travel to the PNW to visit good friends.

One of my besties from college and I hanging out when I visited her in Minnesota. Now that she's back in WA, I get to go there!

5.  Design a new hat pattern with colorwork.

6.  Finish all incompletes and language exams.

7.  Crochet a blanket/throw for the couch.

Today I get to go on a Chicago yarn crawl with the school knitters, and I am really excited! Right now I need to bake some cupcakes for us to enjoy when we get back home. I'm sure I'll have yarn photos to share tomorrow, along with the weekly dose of crafty/DIY links.


Neuroknitter said...

A yarn crawl...an excellent way to spend Friday-eve!! Enjoy!

Cupcakes??? What kind?? pictures?? Yum!!

addicted_to_Yarn said...

I LOVE THE 28 BEFORE 28 IDEA... maybe I should do something like that too .... I can't wait to read the rest of your list and watch you over the year meet your goals... Great job Allison!!!

NotABlogger said...

I am only just catching up on reading blogs from the holidays, but there is a yum white wine (Portuguese with a blue filigree label) we discovered on vacation this year that they stock (cheap, even) in the liquor store next to HP Produce. It's going to be my summer staple for sure!

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