28 September 2010

I love mail

Most days, my mailbox contains bills and a Victoria's Secret catalog. Seriously. I get two of their catalogs a week. Good thing I recycle! But today's mail was completely awesome. I was recently part of the incredibly fun Fall Swap on Ravelry, and my package from my super sweet partner, Lisa, arrived this afternoon.
Oh. my. gosh. She spoiled me rotten!

Check out all the snacks! Needless to say, the Reese's pieces are being eaten right now. And maple syrup for my waffles tomorrow morning :) Yum. That cinnamon bun candle is going to be great with the little pumpkin scented one I picked up yesterday, and my house will smell so good.

That's yarn and fiber in great shades of purple that I just love! And a peek of the Andrea's Shawl pattern, which I've been wanting to make ever since it was published :)

Best of all, this handmade market bag in beautiful shades of pink! This will definitely get a lot of use at my local produce store.
Isn't it just the best when the mail is exciting?!


PonderandStitch said...

Wow- you got the best swap partner ever! I haven't done a swap in a long time, but they are sooooo fun. Can't wait to do another one someday!

addicted_to_Yarn said...

I am so glad you loved the package.. I hope you can spin that wool into something amazing.. It was perfect you got your box today... Your post really cheered me up.. We had to put oliver down yesterday.. we are all sad, confused and heartbroken.. knowing your package made you happy, helped me a bit yesterday... thank you

Julie said...

What an awesome swap package!! You've got great goodies in there.

Robyn said...

woh! You really lucked out. There are so many great things, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the caramilk. Best chocolate bar. ever.

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