12 July 2010

Northeast Yarn Tour: Part 3: Portland

Etsy Monday will return next week (I haven't had much time to scour the shops for cool finds since I've been home, but I'm planning some Etsy updates shortly, so I'll be ready after next weekend). For now, let's conclude the vacation account!
On our last full day of vacation, we visited a series of great yarn shops in Portland, all of which had wonderful yarns, fibers, and patterns on offer.

The first stop was Portland Fiber Gallery and Weaving Studio (Etsy shop here). The kind employees gave me a quick drop-spindle demonstration, and I got to try it out for a few seconds. I should have taken a photo, but it might have been embarrassing to show you my gnarled attempts. Seeing someone spinning and explaining the process in person made so much more sense than trying to figure things out from an online video tutorial! I've been newly inspired to pull out my fiber and spindle from the closet to give it a try this summer. I'm sure the cat will be thrilled, heehee.

Right down the street was KnitWit yarn shop.  The cubbies lining the walls were full of squishy yarns, and I got to check out the new line of yarns and patterns from Quince and Co. The wools are simultaneously rustic and soft, and the colorways are just so subtle and fantastic. I bought the pattern for one of the sample sweaters, the Castle Pullover by Cecily Glowik MacDonald (Rav link).

Finally, we stopped by Tess' Designer Yarns. Oh. My. Goodness. Everything was arranged by color, and all the colors were just eye-poppingly beautiful.  I got 1000 yards of amazing wool laceweight. The color is so difficult to capture on camera; it's actually something between what's shown in these two photos.

Just so bright, and I know it will make a great winter shawl. I'll certainly stand out against the snow!

That concludes the yarn tour. It was really inspiring to stop by so many great shops and farms, and to see what these committed and creative people are up to. I think I've gotten the final gentle shove I needed to start up with spinning, and I'm excited to get going. I love it when vacation is both relaxing and energizing!
I have a finished sock and a nearly finished sweater to show you tomorrow. Until then, happy knitting :)


Anita said...

Hi Allison, This is my first visit to your blog and you have made me all excited!! I get goosebumps going into a wool shop...there is nothing like it. I knit all year round, infact so much that I need to hide my hands off myself! lol. Love the colour of the wool and love your socks (older posting). Kind regards, Anita.

Allison said...

Anita, thanks so much for this sweet comment! I'm glad you're enjoying reading :) I totally know what you mean about that feeling of anticipation when you go into the yarn store...

Melinda said...

First, thank you for stopping by our store, we appreciate it. I have trouble portraying colors in photos also. And, though I haven't done any spinning lately, I do miss it & definitely think you should go for it! I used to handspin all my yarns. Quite often I needed to relax after trying to corral errant goats or pigs. The sheep were usually well behaved :)

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