08 July 2010

Northeast Yarn Tour: Part 2 - The Yurt

Back in Maine, I enjoyed a flurry of yarn stops orchestrated by Knitterboi's mother, a prolific crafter herself, who knew all the best places.
Our first stop was Friends' Folly Farm in Monmouth, just minutes from Knitterboi's home.  The owners were busy that morning hauling in massive amounts of hay for their very cute goats (link is to a cute picture of goat booties) so that the hungry little beasties could make some more angora, but they very sweetly took some time out for a tour and a visit.
By a happy coincidence, the people at Friends' Folly knew the people at Belfast Mini-Mills, which we had visited just the day before!  Friends' Folly got their mill equipment from Belfast, and the people in Belfast had purchased some goats from Friends'. Discovering that the fiber and knitting world is so small and sociable just makes me smile every time.

The outside of the yurt was cheerful, bright red, and inviting. Here's a view around the side, where you can catch a glimpse of some goats.

And then we went inside, and it was even more wonderful than I could have imagined!

Check out that great hat on the table, knitted up to look like the yurt! The samples were all just beautifully made, and it was so tough to choose my souvenir (yes, this is how I'm justifying my yarn purchases).

I settled on a luminous, hand-dyed angora blend in soft lavender with a few bright fuchsia spots. I think it will be a lovely, drapey 198 yards of heaven (well, 220, since that's how much is in my skein).
Next up, three more shops and some great finds!

1 comment:

Julie said...

that is so cool!! I've never even been in a yurt, and you were in one filled with yarn, and comfy chairs! Awesome.

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