11 June 2010

Summer is here!

My quarter ended yesterday evening after I turned in a paper and had one final class. I really can't believe I'm officially done with coursework now!
As a reward, I am currently enjoying a lazy day, playing around with the new Blogger design features to make my blog a bit more fancy - I think the start of a new season should usher in big changes, so this is perfect. I'm also knitting away on a bright yellow Ishbel shawl for my sister's birthday present. I've just started the lace section, and I'm making a ton of progress while watching episodes of Prison Break. This show is so great! So many things happen in a single episode.
I'll definitely be posting some new knitting photos soon, but for now please enjoy a couple of celebratory cupcakes from we<3it:

What's your favorite kind of cupcake? I love coconut or chocolate. Let's chat in the comments :)


Molly said...

Congratulations on end of course work!! Woohoo! *applause*

I've never been a big cupcake person until I tried cupcakes from Foiled Cupcakes (http://www.foiledcupcakes.com/), in Naperville. They deliver all over Chicago though, so I highly suggest them. The baby carrot cake is not only the best cupcake I've ever had, but probably the best cake, period. No joke!

Julie said...

oooh, those cupcakes look so amazing!! I don't think I have a favorite cupcake, but I do have a favourite frosting- for me, nothing beats classic vanilla buttercream.

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