14 June 2010

Etsy Monday: Cantrix!

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I spent most of mine sleeping, but I also managed to do a ton of knitting, watch tv shows and movies, and play Mario Party on the Wii. It was the best! I also found today's great Etsy shop: Cantrix!
This shop is another one for the knitters. You can find hand-dyed yarns in bulky, worsted, fingering, and laceweight, plus stitch markers, and some very cool vintage sewing patterns. The prices are reasonable, the yardage is generous, and the names are really creative. Here are a few of my favorites...

The Shakespeare-inspired Titania fingering weight (462 yards, guys - you can make a pair of socks plus another small project!) is beautiful. The pinks with that gray and olive are so great. You can also keep an eye out for this yarn in the PhatFiber sampler box with the theme Midsummer Night's Dream!

And you know that when someone names their hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn after a delicious food, I am bound to like it. Meet Candies. And I'm kidding about just being drawn in by the name. It was really that streak of navy blue in there that got to me. It really gives weight to the pastel palette.

For those of you who are sold on the yarn (like me!), there's also a new Happy Feet sock yarn club, which would get you a monthly 100 gram skein dyed in a custom color, decided based on a survey of club members. This sounds like the best of "Choose Your Own Adventure" and knitting combined.

Here's a tonal laceweight to help you make up your mind - the colorway is called Rockin' Robin's Egg!

Wouldn't that just look beautiful as Brooklyn Tweed's Bridgewater shawl (Rav link)?

I hope you'll take a few minutes to browse Cantrix's shop and find your own favorites! Happy Monday :)
*Many thanks for permission to use the photos*

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Angie of Cantrix said...

Thank you for the wonderful words!

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