08 June 2010

Etsy Monday: Dangercrafts!

Knitters, many of you are probably familiar with Rebecca Danger and her wonderful patterns (remember these bunny nuggets?). For those of you who don't know about all the critters, you're in for a treat this morning!

Please take a minute to browse the Dangercrafts Etsy shop.
You can also visit her blog!

Let me preface my selections this morning by telling you a bit about how I make the choices about which shops to feature. Often I'll post in the Etsy forums, asking if anyone has something with "flowers" or "birds" to show me, and I find lovely items to share with you all.  Every so often, however, I run across (or revisit) a shop in my own browsing that is just so fantastic and that I love so much that I just have to post links immediately! This usually happens when something is irresistibly cute. For example, this little guy.

Not only is he pleasingly bow-legged and sporting some seriously cuddly floppy puppy ears, he has an amazingly creative name: Wasabi the Gregarious Pug. I think I want to knit him just so I can introduce him to all my friends!

The creativity in this shop doesn't stop there. A whole range of aptly named and unique monsters are waiting to be knit.  I think they're the cutest of all.  As a side note, my boyfriend and my best friend are both constantly making fun of me because of my taste in cute. I think a thing has not achieved its maximum cuteness unless it has a certain amount of creepy or unusual mixed in. Case in point - this cuddly monster, Maddox, would not be nearly as adorable if he didn't have the sharp pointy teeth or that dangerous 'x' of a belly button. Right?
Same goes for Daphne and Delilah, here. Two monster dolls you can cart around as one? Cute AND unusual, therefore 10x cuter!

I think the Dangercrafts line of patterns can be the perfect ambassadorial tool, both for convincing the nay-sayers that cute with a touch of creepy is SO much better, and for adding a bunch of new friends to your shelves and couches. Go pick out your favorite!
Let's chat more in the comments :)

** Many thanks to Ms. Danger for permission to use her shop photos **


Nicole said...

You know I think creepy is cute! I want a bowlegged monster - keep that in mind for christmas!

Molly said...

so cute! I like Daphne and Delilah the best. Speaking of cute and creepy, I saw this the other day: http://littlegreen.typepad.com/curiosity_cute/

Check out those precious killer rabbits!

Julie said...

I love the dangercrafts stuff, yet haven't got around to knitting anything yet. This is making me think I need to fix that, stat!!

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