28 April 2010

More of the dishcloth parade

The log cabin fever has finally abated, but I have a whole load of cloths to show for it. Instead of posting them all at once, I think I'll just save some of the photos up and have a dishcloth of the day at the bottom of the next few posts. You'll all know why!

I'm working on a few slow-moving projects at the moment: 3 sweaters and a laceweight shawl. I think I might have to start a few scrappy socks just to have some instant gratification and knitting that takes a bit less concentration. Just to explain the seriousness of the situation, I'll provide an example. N and I were watching a movie and having some wine last night, and I didn't do any knitting because the honeybee lace cannot be knit with wine on board. A movie without knitting? Very weird, as I'm sure many of you know.

Speaking of movies and knitting, I watched the Jane Campion film Bright Star this weekend. It's a John Keats-Fanny Brawne romance/biopic that was a bit high on 19th century "romance thwarted by social and financial circumstances" style drama for my taste, but the peaceful settings, gorgeous costuming, and scenes of Fanny crafting (sewing, embroidery, dress-making) made for a pleasant knitting + movie experience.*

Come chat in the comments and tell me about your favorite movie-friendly knitting project or your favorite movies to watch while knitting!
*I will not go into an extended commentary here on the more troubling aspects of the depiction of Fanny as seamstress, except to say that her creativity was presented initially in such a way as to make you think it would be liberating for her, but there was never any further reflection (on the part of the character or of the script as a whole) on how income from her fashionable creations might have mitigated the "Keats can't afford marriage" problem or how the material self-expression could help her actually connect with other people or break her out of a self-obsessed romantic wallow. Ahem. It was still very pretty to watch!


cabin + cub said...

oh i wish i knew how to knit better... i can only make square and rectangular things.. ie. scarves. so am very impressed you are making 3 sweaters and a shawl! ;)

Anonymous said...

My mother was very good at knitting but at the time I was a teenager who thought I had more important things to do! Now I wish I'd taken it up with my mother. Your work is so beautiful!

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