30 April 2010

Friday Crafternoon

**The giveaway ends tonight, but keep those entries coming all day! Check back tomorrow for the big announcement of our lucky winner.**

Ah, Friday.
I just reminded myself of the "French"-accented guy who does the intros for the Spongebob cartoon. I maybe shouldn't have admitted that. 
This quarter, I've been lucky enough to get a class schedule that leaves me with a free Friday. This rare and glorious condition means that if I accomplish enough work on Friday mornings, I feel justified in taking Friday afternoons off for fun. And so Friday Crafternoon was born. 
Today I'll be knitting (um, of course), but I'm also going to make one of these. I have a hairpin, and I have a pickle jar that's being used to hold markers, so I think it's time to fancy it up a bit. 

Here's your dishcloth for the day:

I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner and show off some knitting!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I like that vase! You're so lucky that you can keep flowers without your cat attacking them in the night.

It looks like we're getting a good last minute push in the giveaway!

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