11 April 2010

Etsy Monday: Birds!

I'm listening to birds making a racket outside my window right this minute, so this feature seems appropriate. Instead of showing just one shop today, I thought I'd give you a selection of items from several Etsy sellers to satisfy your bird cravings.

First up is a great birthday card from KittyKatKards (the origami dress cards here are also fantastic). The origami owl has real style, especially with his googly eyes, and I know a few people who would get a real kick out of receiving this in the mail.

CellophaneShop offers this awesome shot of hummingbirds in silhouette. I love that you can see one bird's wings moving really quickly, while the other is caught in a still moment. Watching hummingbirds at the feeder is such a restful part of summer, and this photo captures it for year-round enjoyment.

If you're looking for a new summer top, Nikacollection has this printed tank. The little bird perched near your shoulder is subtle in shades of gray but makes the shirt a conversation starter.

Last but definitely not least, Fishstikks has a plethora of big-eyed birds (Bella here is my favorite!). Not only is each bird a unique piece of art, but they are all individual characters. I really like the addition of hats and crowns to add more whimsy and personality. They're also available as button sets and as a calendar - so cool :)

** Many thanks to all the lovely sellers who showed me their bird items! **
Which do you like best? Let's chat in the comments :)


Natalia said...

Great selection, I love the printed tank :)
Thanks for including my print!

Nicole said...

I like the big eye bird.

FishStikks said...

I may be very late to this party but no less joyful at the wonderful bird post you've put together here! Can you tell that birds are some of my favorite animals?
Thank you so much for including my little bird here in your wonderful post, it was a real pleasure!

You do some amazing work by the way!

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