12 April 2010

FO: Shawl Edition

Two shawls off the needles, blocked, and ready for a show!

An oldie but goodie, the Swallowtail Shawl:

Yarn - Knit Picks Essential/Stroll Kettle Dyed in Soot
Needles - US6 circular
Mods - none. This shawl was a WIP for so very long, first because I ran out of yarn and later because I cast off and waited forever to block the dang thing. At last, here it is!

Verdict - this is going to be my night out shawl for the summer, I know. You can see the place where I started a new skein (the overall tone of the yarn is darker), but since it's right between the main body of the shawl and the border, I don't mind. It creates an illusion that the border is made of more solid stuff than the smaller lace motifs in the center of the shawl, which is okay by me.

Yarn - a fingering weight wool-nylon blend dyed by a Stitch n' Bitch pal in shades of purple and goldenrod. You can't see the colors terribly well in these pictures, but the giant octopus (installation at the Hyde Park Art Center) totally makes up for that, don't you agree? A photo of the shawl blocking that gives a better sense of the color is on my Ravelry project page.
Needles - US6 circular
Mods - none. I really enjoyed the unusual (or at least new to me) construction of this shawl.

Verdict - the pattern was clear and interesting to work with, and I love the finished product. I can definitely see myself making this again, maybe in the smaller size for a lightweight scarflette.

Many thanks to Hannah (I Knit You Knot) for taking photos at knitting group!


Julie said...

wow, both are stunning!! I'm seriously impressed you got such good photos of the swallowtail- black yarn can be tricky to photograph. And the yarn you used for your Aestlight is so pretty!

Nicole said...

I love your new shawl! Every time you put it on, you can think of what I said when I saw you wearing it yesterday - "You look awesome!"

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