20 February 2008

What am I doing?

I'm admiring all of this great knitting - those mitts? Super cute!

I'm wishing that we could have a day where the sun being out meant it would be warmer instead of colder.

I'm getting ready to head to Latin class and read about the man who got turned into a donkey.

I'm craving a coffee date with my best girlfriends. I may also be craving potato salad.

I'm feeling pressure to finish up one paper and get started on another. When will the pressure translate into accomplishing some actual work? Hopefully this afternoon...

I'm looking forward to attending a fancy departmental event with a cute boy on Friday. And maybe to going shopping and picking out something fancy to wear to said event.

I'm knitting that hat and getting antsy to finally cast on that sweater I've been talking about forever. Will it happen today when I should be working on papers? Probably! Check back tomorrow for an update.

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