17 February 2008

Do you like my hat?

Ugh, I'm starting to think the reason I've been feeling so exhausted is because I'm actually coming down with something! Today wasn't great, and in the last hour it's escalated into full-on wretchedness. I can't stand being sick, especially when it means I miss class, and I hope whatever I've got a) doesn't get worse or b) doesn't last long.

Since looking at the blank white screen is making my head hurt, let's look at some pretty knitting pictures instead.

Meet Gretel II, in purple, for my roommate.

If I have to lie in bed translating Greek all day tomorrow because I'm feeling too gross to make it to class and the library, I'll console myself by staring at the cable-y goodness.


Terby said...

I do! I like that party hat. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) But the color and pattern are awesome.

Anonymous said...


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